“We are proud to say that we have manufactured for many different and interesting projects so far, like Furniture for the garden, furniture for living, for hotels, restaurants, beach clubs, but not only furniture, we did also deliver for example bathtubs for a hotel, Wood Cladding and Mosaic, kitchen projects for apartments and small furniture, handicraft and even batik items for retail.”
With projects everything is possible, it can be a complete interior for an office, home living, beach club and luxury hotels. Proudly we can say our list of places we shipped our furniture to is getting longer; Singapore, New York US, Mauritius, Manado Indonesia, Copenhagen Denmark,  Malaga Spain, Thailand, Paris France and local projects here in Java and Bali.

We build this homestay ‘Villa Kayu Yogyakarta’ and used wood from old Javanese houses, we can build them also for you or for your project!

Project Celebes Divers Manadolivingstone2Project Villa Malaga, SpainProject Villa Malaga, SpainProject Resort ThailandProject Glasshouse DenmarkProject Glasshouse Denmarkglasshousedenmark5glasshousedenmark6martinjakartaLoungerBlueWProjectResto1WProject Jogja Village Inn HotelVoila LIVING outdoor loungerwickersProjectWKWProject Lounger Resort ThailandProject Lounger Resort ThailandProject Lounger Resort ThailandProject Lounger Resort ThailandSofaJuliaDWJuliaJopieWTableQueenWhotelrender3hotelrender1ProjectHotelWbar perspective Voila LIVING