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‘Clean Up Indonesia’ (CUI) is an idea to work together with the local people, government and businesses, here in Java to clean up touristic areas, living areas, river sides, green zones and for example shopping areas. Let’s try to develop an awareness of the importance to keep streets and water canals clean, to create a better atmosphere and a better future for our kids. Also we want to trigger factories to get involved in cleaning up Java and think about how to reduce trash, plastics and dirty water waste. How to deal with the transport of trash. Recycling can create a lot of new jobs as well. Many things to discus and to think over. Maybe CUI can be a start of a cleaner Java, a cleaner Indonesia. Do you want to follow us on facebook:

This is the link to the story of the Mission Trip to Alor Island: MissionTripAlor2019

Nu ook in het Nederlands het verslag van de zendingsreis naar het eiland Alor: MissionTripAlor2019NED