Project Beach Resort and Beach Club New York Coney Island

It has been great to produce all Teak furniture for this very nice Beach Hotel and Beach Club in New York, Coney Island. Working together with the designer for this project was a good experience to work out all technical parts of the furniture, sizes, shape and comfort. The result is beautiful and attractive for people to stay in this Beach Hotel.

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Project Celebes Divers Manado

Project Celebes Divers Resort in Manado Island, Indonesia

Project Celebes Divers Resort in Manado Island, Indonesia

We are proud to present our furniture produced for Celebes Divers Resort in Manado. As you can see the atmosphere is really comfortable and beautiful. The designer selected all furniture very carefully and this is the result:







It has been a pleasure for the Voila Living Team to produce for this project and working together with these nice people, the owners and the designer, thank you again for this great opportunity.

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Project Villa Malaga, Spain

Project Malaga, Spain

Proudly we present one of our projects, a beautiful Villa in Malaga, Spain. It’s not only shooting in an order and start up the production, it’s more then that. Every project needs guidance, feedback and clear communication between customer and manufacturer. We are talking about sizing, approving technical drawings and choosing the right finishing and colors to create a uniform and matching interior as well for the indoor as well for the outdoor furniture, to come to a satisfying result. 

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Project Villa Malaga, SpainProject Villa Malaga, Spain

12–15 March 2015 Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX)

The Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) the largest furniture exhibition in the country, showcasing high quality and unique designs that reflect the natural beauty of Indonesia and the skills of its artisans.

What makes a visit to IFEX unique compared to other fairs of this period is access to the largest range of specialty furniture. We cater particularly to manufacturers, traders, and contract project managers seeking to furnish commercial properties with original, exotic, and rare to find furniture and furnishings. Companies represented at IFEX can produce start from medium quantities guaranteeing limited availability and superior handcraftsmanship.

A well-kept secret by many are the benefits and appeal of Indonesian furniture. Stemming from traditional techniques of handmade craftsmanship in wood and bamboo, Indonesian furniture manufacturers today have grown to include contemporary interpretations of classic cultural designs with synthetic rattan and other creative modern materials.

Oftentimes considered for commercial resort, housing and restaurant properties; modern day designers and planners also look to Indonesian furniture and furnishings for indoor commercial use. While the barrier between indoor and outdoor is disappearing and garden furniture tends to imitate more and more indoor furniture.

Moreover, companies looking for artisans to make their complex designs a reality at cost effective prices can look to the established companies represented at IFEX who also produce component semi-finished products.
Meet more than 400 exhibitors and more than 7000 international buyers from 110 countries are expected to attend IFEX.

A wealth of natural resources

Indonesia is brimming with natural life, from wooden, bamboo to rattan and teak to water hyacinth. With extensive swathes of legal forest plantations, the country has the capacity to meet the raw material needs of the furniture sector.

Cost Efficiency

With supportive government policies for the furniture industry, a consistent supply of various raw materials, skilled producers, a burgeoning domestic market, and integrated export-import facilities, Indonesia has all the elements of a strategic furniture hub. No need to travel across the archipelago to source products. At IFEX you can find everything you need under one roof, saving yourself time and money.

VOILA LIVING is moving…!

The new location of VOILA LIVING Furniture factory will be in Yogyakarta. At the moment we are working hard to prepare and finish our new location and the factory will be more efficient and easier to find as well for customers as for suppliers!